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Elder Financial Exploitation & Abuse Is The Crime

Of The Century:“It’s Rampant, Invisible, and Devastating”

“It is our mission, honor and passion to prevent educate and protect our elders from
financial exploitation and abuse” – Founder, Guy Hart.
Protecting Our Elders is a non profit organization that is dedicated to Creating Awareness
and Prevention of Elder Financial Exploitation and abuse through educational programs
and resources for the Elderly Community, their families, Financial Institutions,
Governmental Agencies and the public.

Elder Senior Court

Attorney at Law Magazine publisher Sarah Torres sat down with Guy Hart of Elder Senior Court to discuss Protecting Our Elders. AALM: What are some of the issues facing seniors today? GH: There is an epidemic of scamming, especially, vulnerable.
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Harvey, Director of Protecting Our Elders

As Director of Protecting Our Elders, I am proud of the work that we are doing in regards to having a heightened standard of review for all legal cases that reach the California Courts that involve a protected class; under the EADACPA; Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act 15610.70 and 15610.30 ( Elders and Adults with Disabilities ). I have decided to offer support for Elders and Seniors who are being targeted by scammers or unscrupulous lawyers in the Courts. If you or someone you know is being sued or are in litigation, drop us an email with the information. We will consider weighing in on the subject, if it has to do with our charter of Protecting Elders from Financial Abuse and Public Policy of the EADACPA as an Amici Curiae, which is a friend of the court.

With over 5.5 Millions Californian and 50 Million American Elders and Seniors 65+ who are vulnerable and are being targeted and financially abused. Elder Financial Abuse has quadrupled in the last 5 years to over $6 Billion annually.

One in five Elders is a victim. With more than 5 million seniors in California, over 1 million are abused every year and many face homelessness. We need everyone’s help and participation. Join our movement, sign our mailing list and our petitions. Thank you, Harvey.


inancial elder abuse is on the rise because of a dragging economy and an increasing aging population– baby-boomers comprise of at least 1/3 of our population.  The Credit Protection Bureau recently issued new rules aimed at protecting widows from fraud and deception that increasingly cause them to lose their homes due to unnecessary foreclosure proceedings. This and other consumer protection groups are pushing for similar regulations in a pending California state bill to ensure these protective regulations are enforced.

Protecting Our Elders is dedicated to helping those being targeted and to educating elders in need.

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Edmund Burke said that the “only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Protecting our elderly begins with you. Financial exploitation affects one million seniors each year. Join us with your support in our efforts to stop this insidious crime.

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