We are a group dedicated to the protection of senior citizens from the horrific effects of financial exploitation. Protecting Our elders is a nonprofit organization engaged in the fight, through education and volunteer services, we will not stop until the rash of financial exploitation and elder abuse is not longer considered the “crime of the century.”

Financial elder abuse is the crime of the century, involving quit claim deeds of property and/or second mortgages that go unpaid, resulting in a home foreclosure. The situation is further exacerbated when law enforcement is slow or hesitant to take action, as such problems are often seen as civil, not criminal, in nature. Yet in People v. Schoenbacher, No. H035242 (2012), the California Court of Appeals for the 6th District affirmed the trial court’s conviction for financial elder abuse expressing astonishment at the methodical and sustained draining of the elder’s accounts, and found the conduct audacious and coercive. Sadly, there are infinitely more stories like this that will continue to go unchecked if law enforcement do not start prosecuting cases such as these with more frequency. Schoenbacher has set a precedence to take action against elder financial abuse that the rest of the California courts and law enforcement should follow.

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