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Edmund Burke said that the “only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Protecting our elderly begins with you. Financial exploitation affects one million seniors each year. Join us with your support in our efforts to stop this insidious crime.


Donate to the Protecting Our Elders cause by clicking the donate button below. Remember, any amount you can donate will go to creating awareness and spreading the word.

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We are stronger in numbers, if a Senior is going to court and needs our support, we will gladly send out a “Senior Alert” and ask that any of our Members, Supporters, Local Media and Local law enforcement contact the Senior, their Family or even show up at rallies, hearings or just be a positive and compassionate friend.

New Scams and Scammers Alert:

Beware, the following alerts are being issued in regards to new, modified or old scams and scammers who are doing them

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If you have seen it, say it. Share your story with thousands of others who have either fallen prey to a financial abuse predator or to the many looking to prevent the exploitation of our elderly from happening.

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